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Name of the parts
(8) Casing
(10) Field Disk : preferably should be made of magnet to obtain maximum force
(11) Field Disk Unit (10 + 12) : similar structure to gyroscope
(12) Field Motor (inside) : to spin Field Disk(10)
(14) Field Shaft
(16) Field Stator
(18) Field Rotator
(20) Field Rotator Yoke
(22) Guide Plate : guides Field Shaft (14) and spins with Field Shaft (14)
(23) Universal Joint
(24) Radial Bearing
(26) Thrust Bearing
(28) Slip Ring
(30) Transmittable Shaft
(32) Pulley
(34) Stay
(36) Brush
(38) Starting Battery

Operation of the Motor
(i) Turn the Field Motor (12) on by connecting to Start Battery (38) with Field Shaft (14) at A position
(ii) Field Disks (10) start spinning and at the same time Field Shaft (14) tries to stay at A position as attached Gyroscopic Precession diagram shows
(iii) Shift Field Shaft (10) from A position to B position
(iiii) Field Disk Unit (11) itself starts spinning

This motor (registered as Ohsako Motor Type-1) produces energy far more than the energy that is input. Our experiment showed that output energy was more than ten times of the energy input.
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