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In the late 1950s, Otis Carr claimed to have discovered what he called the "Utron", a "molecular shell" that houses the atoms. The cohesion of molecular shells is brought about by inertial systems in the gravity field, manifesting in the two poles of natural magnetism and electromagnetism. He claimed that by  hatching" the atomic egg, particularly of paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements (especially bismuth), atomic energy could be released gently. The Carr affair is generally considered to be a fraud.
This file is a collection of excerpts of technical factoids from articles, interviews, etc., on the subject, without consideration of Carr's botched attempts to make a business of it. The technology actually makes some sense (to me, anyhow, with qualifications and reservations). I was told by Ralph Ring (one of Carr's engineers) that he himself had flown in a short test flight of a small model of the craft.  His engineer Norman Colton was an alcoholic who stupidly threatened a local newspaper publisher, thus generating more negative feedback. It was a sad pass from Carr's earlier statement that "We shall not stop until we have penetrated our great discoveries into all the ends of the earth, or even as far into outer space as man desires to go!"